5 Charming beach resorts in Costa Rica

beach_resort_costa_ricaCosta Rica (“Rica” meaning “rich”) is not named like that because of being the guarding ground of hidden treasures or natural mineral riches. It’s named like that because of its beautiful beaches, which are the country’s precious source of tourism-based income.What’s so good and suitable about Costa Rica beaches and seaside borderlines, is that they’re not far from the capital, San Jose, and so there is no need for long travel journeys to get from the city to the sea. For example, taking an automobile ride at 50m p/h, you can take a dive-in into the Atlantic Ocean’s water from, say, 9 a.m. to 11 a.m., then resume your driving and find yourself in front the Pacific Ocean’s waters by 5 p.m.; still having the sun shining up in the sky for you.

Discovering the best beaches of Thailand

thai_beachWhen are you planning to visit Thailand? If you haven’t made up your mind then it’s time you shifted your thoughts towards that direction. Especially if you think your next visit should be in a beach. The place to visit is Thailand.

Amazing beaches

Thailand has some of the most amazing beaches in the world. There are hundreds of soft sandy beaches and white beaches washed by clear waters. Some beaches have deckchairs and umbrellas for rent, while other beaches are quiet, but they all offer beers, soft drinks, and also the tasty sea food is always available from vendors. After you swimming in the sea and you feel like you may want to wash out, you can always wash off at one of the many public houses but only for a nominal charge.

San Diego and Ocean Beach Offer Something for Everyone

oceanbeachSan Diego, California is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the Western United States. Millions of visitors flock to this amazing city each year in search of a wonderful and memorable vacation. One of the most popular areas in San Diego is Ocean Beach. Ocean Beach offers everything for a memorable holiday from Ocean Beach rentals to superb surfing. Whether you are searching for the perfect vacation spot for shopping, fishing, sunbathing or other activities, this could definitely be the place for you.

A Family Beach Vacationer’s Dream

myrtle-beach-south-cWith more than ten million visitors each year, Myrtle Beach in beautiful South Carolina is one of the top vacation destinations in the world, particularly for families. With the many beach rentals and Myrtle Beach hotels, there are a wide variety of choices that will meet every expectation that you have for your perfect beach getaway. Myrtle Beach offers more than sixty miles of pristine beaches and numerous activities geared for every personality.

Flic en Flac – The new Mauritian experience

flic-en-flacDuring the past couple of years, the lovely small village of Flic en Flac, located on the West coast of Mauritius has known an exceptional boom in it’s travel industry. With more and more people visiting the island every year, Flic en Flac is no longer a fishermen’s village, but one of the hottest places in the Indian Ocean.With a white silk-like sandy beach over a kilometer long, Flic en Flac offers its visitors numerous attractions and activities in the water as well as outside of it and is a true representation of the paradise island image one would imagine when thinking of Mauritius.

Experience the beauty of the Maya Riviera

mayan-riviera-mexicoWhen you hear the word ‘beach’, the first thing you think of are the sunny beaches of America. However, the less well known Mayan Rivera in Mexico, known as the Paradise that God created for man, is no less breathtaking than the popular beaches of the rest of the world. The flowers, wildlife, the constellations with the moon as its centre add to the already boundless natural beauty of the place. You can go swimming at Tulum, which is the only archeological site near the sea. Or you could go snorkeling and diving in the largest natural aquarium in the world. There is even a small Mayan village that is near the archeological site that lets the visitor get up close and personal with the ancient culture of Maya.

Surfers Paradise in Queensland offers more than just surf

surfers-paradise-QeenslandAustralia has long been considered one of the best vacation areas in the world. From the beautiful beaches to the abundant wildlife, there simpy is no other area in the world that compares with the Great Outback. Surfers Paradise in Queensland, Australia is well known for its wonderful accommodations and for the amazing surfing that is available in thus area. From virtually any location in Surfers Paradise, you can enjoy breathtaking scenery along with a wide variety of activities the Gold Coast Oceanway lies along a beachfront between Narrowneck on one side and Surfers Central on the other.

Family vacationing at its best

poipu-beach-kauaiPractically everyone who has ever dreamed of paradise has had Hawaii in mind when planning their next vacation. Poipu Beach in Kauai, Hawaii is a virtually vacationer’s dream. Situated just three miles south of Koloa on the sunny southern shore of Kauai, this area gives a whole new meaning to the word paradise. Due to the beautiful year-round climate, pristine beaches, a wide range of accommodation choices, restaurants and the available activities, Poipu Beach is perfect whether you are looking for an intimate getaway for two, or a family beach that provides fun and excitement for all ages.

Await the new day on the Vava’u island group of Tonga

vavau-tonga-beachesThe Island nation of Tonga is perhaps the most uniquely governed country in all of the South pacific. Structured as a constitutional monarchy the people of this archipelago consisting of 170 islands stretching almost 500 miles in length from north to south remain fiercely loyal to their King. Born with the right of succession Tonga’s ruler enjoys the privileges of truly being his nation’s ruler by what some might consider divine right. In truth the people of Tonga prefer rule by monarchy as a deference to tradition that for hundreds of years has managed to keep their tiny nation both autonomous and prosperous. Perhaps this is why Tonga is set apart from so many Islands of the South Pacific as a place where western civilization is allowed to encroach but not pervade.

Pink sands and pale sunsets

pink sands beach bahamasHarbour Island in the Bahamas is known throughout the world for it’s light pink sandy beach. This uniquely colored holiday hideaway stretches for a distance of three miles and is approximately 100 feet wide. It is considered by many to be the most beautiful beach in all of the Bahamas. The sand, created by surf beaten pieces of coral, shells and tiny rocks has a soft fine grandular texture similar to that usually labeled as sugar sand. The addition of ground bright pink and red shells from Foraminifera create in the sand a beautiful cast of pale pink color. When contrasted with the magnificent turquoise seas of the Caribbean, Pinks Sands Beach on Harbor Island becomes the perfect place to locate a fabulous island resort.