Await the new day on the Vava’u island group of Tonga

vavau-tonga-beachesThe Island nation of Tonga is perhaps the most uniquely governed country in all of the South pacific. Structured as a constitutional monarchy the people of this archipelago consisting of 170 islands stretching almost 500 miles in length from north to south remain fiercely loyal to their King. Born with the right of succession Tonga’s ruler enjoys the privileges of truly being his nation’s ruler by what some might consider divine right. In truth the people of Tonga prefer rule by monarchy as a deference to tradition that for hundreds of years has managed to keep their tiny nation both autonomous and prosperous. Perhaps this is why Tonga is set apart from so many Islands of the South Pacific as a place where western civilization is allowed to encroach but not pervade.

Tonga is by any standard a paradise with it’s prerequisite share of endless sandy beaches and magnificent tropical forests. The principal islands for vacation in Tonga are the Vava’u group. This islands enjoy terrain that ranges in elevations from sea level to small hilly mountains. Vava’u offers a small but thriving business community where visitors can purchase all manner of local goods. Perhaps the most unique activity for visitors to Vava’u is the practice of whale watching. Chartered sail boats take guests on their choice of overnight live aboard excursions or simple day trips in search of sighting whales. More often than not the whales agree to appear.

Accommodations in Vava’u are pleasant if not extremely luxurious. This is after all an island hideaway. There are seven fine resorts on the island with prices per night starting at $99 US per night. Accommodations range from almost luxury resort rooms at the Reef resort to Tonga style beach bungalows at the Treasure Island resort. Tonga is a place where chartered yachts gather to refuel as travelers rest in the country’s many safe and sheltered harbors. It is a place to see and remember the South Pacific as depicted by James Michener. It is a place to leave the world behind, as being thirteen hours ahead of GMT you are the first people in the world to watch the rise of the sun.

One Response to “Await the new day on the Vava’u island group of Tonga”

  • GrAve says:

    The Tonga history sounds very interested. But does it have much to offer? I googled it and based on the internet its famous for its whales as mentioned in this article. It would be amazing to head straight into the tropical forests, but other than what else.

    To me it looks to be a little plain jane.

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