The most beautiful beaches in Croatia

Croatian BeachesDo you want know more about Croatian beaches? You really should go there and feel the difference. When we`re talking about vacation in Croatia, first at all, we`re thinking about nice and hot sand beaches. Adriatic beaches can offer to everyone real pleasure and it can be perfect destination for vacation. Presence of sea with so much green vegetation and mountains provides you the best feel of real vacation.

You can choose type of beaches you want on your vacation. From beaches for family relaxation and children with plenty of funny activities to beaches where you can go on summer parties and other funs. You`ll have more than enough space for enjoy. The list of Croatian beaches is so big so we can`t provide you all beaches in Croatia, but we`ll provide you list of the best and most visited beaches in Croatia on Adriatic Sea.

The best beaches in Croatia are : Plaza Lopar (Beach Lopar), Ninska Laguna (Nin`s Lagoon), Banje Dubrovnik, Zlatni rat (Golden War), Plaza Zrce (Beach Zrce). These beaches are top visited beaches in Croatia and every year there are more and more tourists. Beach Zrce is most known Croatian beach in Europe and so. About Golden War beach we can talk for days. That spectacular beach has 530 meters. It`s the most known beach in Croatia.

About other beaches mentioned above are also so amusing, but why to talk so much about them. Start with saving money and take your family to best beaches in Croatian and Europe and convince yourself in this story.

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