Delighting beaches in Europe

europe_beach_holidaysEurope is world famous for its beautiful beaches. The continent of Europe is surrounded with oceans and seas and it is natural that we can find the most beautiful beaches in the world here.
The top European beaches in random order are the following :

  • Ibiza – Ibiza is located in Spain and it is a beautiful island in the Mediterranean Sea. Over the past few years it became the most popular party island in the world. A vast amount of younger people come to Ibiza to spend their vacation on the beautiful beaches and exclusive nightclubs.
  • Biarritz Beach – beach on the French Riviera, one of the greatest beaches on the planet. The beach has separated areas for swimming and water sports including surfing. It has a large variety of available restaurants and bars. The Biarritz Beach is famous for its festival which has a 40 year tradition. See more about Biarritz beach holidays on
  • Cannes – also one of the French beaches, famous for its high class visitors from the world of entertainment. The home of the well known Cannes Film Festival attracts celebrities from all over the globe.
  • Tarifa – located in Spain, well known for its windy weather, popular amongst surfers. The extreme sport lovers prefer places like Tarifa where they can find more sport fans and less traditional tourists.
  • Brighton Beaches – located in England, very famous for its nightlife and clubs. Brighton Beaches are the most popular beaches in England and people visit this beach from all over the country.
  • St.Tropez – also one of the famous beaches of the French Riviera. Many movies were filmed on the sandy beaches of Saint Tropez. Well known for its rich nightlife.
  • Marbella Beaches – the Marbella Beaches can be found in Spain and they are well known for the white sand and palm trees.
  • Cadiz – Cadiz is also located in Spain and is popular for its extraordinary restaurants and nightclubs.
  • Toscana – Toscana is located on the west coast of Rome, Italy. It is surrounded with the historical monuments of Rome and it offers a special atmosphere.

All of the top European beaches are offering fine sand and clear blue waters for the tourists. Every beach has additional facilities like luxury restaurants, beach bars and exclusive nightclubs. By visiting the best beaches in Europe we can be sure that our holiday will be a holiday to remember.

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