Pink sands and pale sunsets

pink sands beach bahamasHarbour Island in the Bahamas is known throughout the world for it’s light pink sandy beach. This uniquely colored holiday hideaway stretches for a distance of three miles and is approximately 100 feet wide. It is considered by many to be the most beautiful beach in all of the Bahamas. The sand, created by surf beaten pieces of coral, shells and tiny rocks has a soft fine grandular texture similar to that usually labeled as sugar sand. The addition of ground bright pink and red shells from Foraminifera create in the sand a beautiful cast of pale pink color. When contrasted with the magnificent turquoise seas of the Caribbean, Pinks Sands Beach on Harbor Island becomes the perfect place to locate a fabulous island resort.

In fact, for that purpose, there are almost a dozen magnificent vacation hotels in the vicinity of Pink Sands Beach. The Pink Sands Resort stands out among these as both the namesake of the island’s coast and what is generally considered to be the island’s best value for luxury accommodations. With both ocean and garden view rooms available, The Pink Sands Resort is typical of the elegant vacation experience one may expect when staying anywhere on Harbor Island.

While there are several on-property night spots in the Pink Sands Beach area, they are of minor note as one does not travel to this semi-secluded location to find noise and excitement. Pink Sands Beach is a place to experience luxury relaxation along with the feeling that you are a million miles from home. Harbour Island is easily accessible from anywhere on the east coast of the United States, with a flight of under three hours and is easily connected to from Europe through all of the major international airports.

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