Experience the beauty of the Maya Riviera

mayan-riviera-mexicoWhen you hear the word ‘beach’, the first thing you think of are the sunny beaches of America. However, the less well known Mayan Rivera in Mexico, known as the Paradise that God created for man, is no less breathtaking than the popular beaches of the rest of the world. The flowers, wildlife, the constellations with the moon as its centre add to the already boundless natural beauty of the place. You can go swimming at Tulum, which is the only archeological site near the sea. Or you could go snorkeling and diving in the largest natural aquarium in the world. There is even a small Mayan village that is near the archeological site that lets the visitor get up close and personal with the ancient culture of Maya.

There are a range of resorts, condos and beachfront hotels to choose from for your vacation of a lifetime. Join your children on the soft silky sand and build sandcastles. Golfers have eighteen holes all to themselves, a golf course which has been literally carved out of the forests and surrounded by lagoons. The spellbinding turquoise blue waters of the Caribbean Sea, star filled skies and moonlight walks along the water’s edge add to the romantic atmosphere of the place.

Take a stroll through the heart of the Mayan jungle, weaving a pathway through ancient cities and temples that links the past civilization with the present. There is a spa for those who have come to escape the strenuous pressures of daily life. There is something for everybody in a land that is always sunny and the temperature is highest at 30C. Travel to the Mayan Rivera and take up a suite in a beachfront resort and experience the holiday of a lifetime.

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