Australian beaches tips, hints, and surfing… Bondi Style

bondi_beach_australiaAustralia counts with many beaches; thousands of them. To swim, surf, take sunbaths and fishing, are just common day practices in Australian vacation time.


We can identify and distinguish many different beach zones in Australia:the East side, where we can find this country’s most interesting beaches, like those of Sydney, or the most famous beaches of the Gold-Coast.

We should also acknowledge northern beaches, like Cairns, and those across the Coral Bay, with year-long tropical temperatures and good weather. These are ideal beaches for getting a healthy tan and practicing underwater diving.


Security is, of course, a thing to mind, since both the Indian and Pacific are open waters; oceans in which the strong currents and waves may host animal aquatic species which can be a menace to swimmers, like sharks and jellyfishes, at some parts of the year.

That is why it is always advised to pay attention to bay watcher towers flags before getting into the water, if you’re in an urban beach. In case you decide to go for a more isolated beach, it is wise to get information on weather condition expectations and general warnings beforehand. Lakes are also very popular as a touristic attraction for swimming and under-diving enthusiasts in Australia.


Apart from all this, do not forget that, if you are in Australia, them, you are in one of the best surfing places in the whole wide world!

Australia’s most popular beaches are the Gold Coast by the east side; in the west side, you have the always mythical Perth, and the ones along the Coral Bay.

Perhaps the one place that is calling international attention nowadays would be the Bondi Beach: located in the New South Wales state, about 30 minutes from (Australian Capital city) Sidney -accessible by bus or by train taking the ‘Bondi Junction’ ride, it is a very concurred place about 6 miles long, which provides its visitors with a variety of services and equipment, from food and drink stands to submarine diving tool shops.

Bondi Beach’s golden sands and extraordinary waves make it a perfect spot for both professional and amateur surfers and, needless to say, wherever there’s surfing going on, beautiful sunbathing gals can’t be too far away.

Several surfing teachers take advantage of Bondi Beach as a training ground for beginners, and thus -Australians being as correct and self-minded as they’re usually portrayed to be, it has the world’s finest lifesavers teams, keeping security standards as high as they go, having some clearly specific Swimmer and Surfer watch-over divisions.

Yet another very special Bondi Beach feature is its Skateboarding grounds. Skateboard enthusiasts from all countries and with all kinds of styles and skill level come here for both competition and show-off performances, which also makes for pretty ladies to gather around.

Also, all kinds of Australian celebrations and festivals find Bondi Beach as their likely background set, and it wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that a trip to Australia wouldn’t be such -not nowadays, anyway, without visiting the fantastic waters of surfers “paradise on Earth regained” Bondi Beach.

As an unarguably tempting attribute, topless feminine sunbathing is as natural to Bondi Beach as the five ‘clock tea to good old Sherlock Holmes, and, -all naughtiness aside, the place just calls for you to strip down not only off your clothes, but your worries as well.

So, before ever taking the Australian Beaches path, do consider there’s a lot of urbanity to see but the best, that’s happening right where cities end and the seas begin.

Enjoy your stay in Australian beaches!

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  • Blaine says:

    Nice post on Australian beaches. I hope someday to get to Bondi Beach and check out all of the great things to see. The beautiful sunbathing girls sounds good after a morning of surfing. Thanks again

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