Island Beauty Of Seychelles

beach_holidays_seychellesSeychelles islands are located in the Indian Ocean and are considered a very popular touristic destination. The Seychelles or officially the Republic of Seychelles are made of 115 smaller islands. Seychelles are located northeast of Madagascar and 1600 kilometers from Africa.

The climate and the ideal location made Seychelles an ideal exotic touristic location. The climate is always warm and the temperatures vary from 24 degrees Celsius to 32 degrees of Celsius. The islands of the Seychelles lies outside of the cyclone belt and this fact guarantees good weather and a year round sun.

Seychelles can offer us a wide variety of available accommodations. We can find places from every price range : from cheaper guesthouses to five star luxury hotels. From the 115 islands we can find hotels on 16 of them but future projects will offers more accommodation opportunities. The available categories of hotels are the following : large hotels, small hotels / guesthouses, self catering accommodations, island resorts, spa hotels, marina hotels, Seychelles secrets and boat charters.

Seychelles touristic offers are very diversiful and it is up to us to decide which parts of the islands we wish to visit. For first time visitors the visit to one of the 65 beautiful beaches on Mahe island is recommended. On this island we can find uncrowded beaches with silver sand. Mahe is one of the largest islands in the Seychelles and it provides home for the Victoria International Airport.
Besides Mahe, the other two big islands are Praslin and La Digue. The island of Praslin is a very popular destination and it offers exclusive restaurants with fresh fish, stylish lodgings, untouched jungle and beautiful beaches. The third island is the La Digue and it is the most uncrowded of the large islands. La Digue is a very peaceful place with extraordinary beaches, green hills and the jungle.

In the vicinity of the magnificent beaches there are a large number of available restaurants. These restaurants offer every kind of food, they serve both local specialties and international cuisines. Most of the restaurants offer some additional events to entertain the guests with live traditional music or other events. Beside the restaurants there is a large selection of beach bars and night clubs which guarantee a rich nightlife.

The Seychelles are one of the most beautiful places on Earth and because of this fact they are a favorite holiday destination for a large number of tourists.

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