Discovering the best beaches of Thailand

thai_beachWhen are you planning to visit Thailand? If you haven’t made up your mind then it’s time you shifted your thoughts towards that direction. Especially if you think your next visit should be in a beach. The place to visit is Thailand.

Amazing beaches

Thailand has some of the most amazing beaches in the world. There are hundreds of soft sandy beaches and white beaches washed by clear waters. Some beaches have deckchairs and umbrellas for rent, while other beaches are quiet, but they all offer beers, soft drinks, and also the tasty sea food is always available from vendors. After you swimming in the sea and you feel like you may want to wash out, you can always wash off at one of the many public houses but only for a nominal charge.


A lot of activities take place in the Thai beaches like surfing. Since there are so many beaches in Thailand, the beaches are always uncrowded so giving the first time surfers and experienced surfers fun evenly. This is one of the ways in which you can interact with the locals as you have fun at the same time with them. You will be able to learn part of their great and rich culture. If you are an experienced surfer you will also get a zone for people of your match. Between April and September, you are likely to have the best season in surfing.

If you love nature, there are also places designated to you. Some beaches have tropical gardens which you won’t know about unless you visit. Those around forest create a sweet combination producing a combination of an unbelievable ambiance.


On accommodation, there is a good selection with small hotels for budget travelers and there are also big hotels for guests who need comfort. The beach hotels are luxurious which provide the ultimate comfort to guests. Most of the rooms in the beach hotels offer air conditioning as well as a fan. Some have the most modern amenities remarkable in the upholstery of their rooms. Those big hotels have their hotel rooms built with special features like balconies overlooking some amazing views, tea and coffee making facilities, private bathrooms and are also equipped with soft drinks.

It is said that it is only in Thailand beaches where even the ugliest women insist on taking off their clothes to feel this famous and best world over beaches.

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