Flic en Flac – The new Mauritian experience

flic-en-flacDuring the past couple of years, the lovely small village of Flic en Flac, located on the West coast of Mauritius has known an exceptional boom in it’s travel industry. With more and more people visiting the island every year, Flic en Flac is no longer a fishermen’s village, but one of the hottest places in the Indian Ocean.With a white silk-like sandy beach over a kilometer long, Flic en Flac offers its visitors numerous attractions and activities in the water as well as outside of it and is a true representation of the paradise island image one would imagine when thinking of Mauritius.

While on the beach you can easily get on board of glass bottom boats for a couple of rupees or higher scuba or diving gear and try it yourself. Other activities available are windsurfing, parasailing, water ski.. Most of the hotels located around the beach offer these activities as part of their services and are free to use. Indeed, along with the village tourist development, came the construction of several luxury resorts which managed to remain environmentally discreet and still offer their guests the best possible services.

Flic en Flac offers nevertheless a large alternative to the luxury resorts such as the Hilton and The Sands amongst others, by providing a great choice of beach side apartments and bungalows available for rent on daily and weekly basis. These are usually set not more then a couple of minutes walk from the beach and their prices can be negotiated, which is a great bonus.

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