The sexiest beaches in the world

The UK April edition of FHM magazine has published a list of what they think are the world’s sexiest beaches. FHM’s criteria were the beaches and resorts that have the hottest looking people. Below are their beaches:

  • 01. Baie orientale, St Maarten
  • 02. Hedonism II, Jamaica
  • 03. Capri, Italy
  • 04. Barceloneta, Spain
  • 05. La Siesta beach, Marbella
  • 06. Ko Phi Phi Leh, Thailand
  • 07. Laguna beach, California
  • 08. Bondi beach, Australia
  • 09. Kristainsand, Norway
  • 10. South beach, Miami
  • 11. Clifton beach, South Africa

Top Jamaican beaches for you to check out

jamaica_beachesAre you traveling with your children and looking for a safe beach with lifeguards and aquatics? Are you honeymooners dreaming of partaking the sunset on a secret beach? Whatever kinda beach holiday experience you figure, Jamaica has a multitude of beaches for your dream holidays. Following are some Jamaican beach holiday options where you can experience your own small corner of paradise.

Hawaii Travel Ideas

kiholo-bay-hawaiiWhether you’re headed to the Aloha State for your honeymoon or for your annual family vacation, here are a few of the top attractions, breathtaking sights and fun Hawaii travel ideas that are sure to make your trip an unforgettable one!

The Big Island Botanical Gardens

Soothe the spirit and feed the soul by taking a stroll through the botanical gardens of the Big Island. The gardens (the Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden and the World Botanical Gardens) feature thousands of different exotic plants, trees and flowers.

A Night Flight Over an Active Volcano

Island Beauty Of Seychelles

beach_holidays_seychellesSeychelles islands are located in the Indian Ocean and are considered a very popular touristic destination. The Seychelles or officially the Republic of Seychelles are made of 115 smaller islands. Seychelles are located northeast of Madagascar and 1600 kilometers from Africa.

The climate and the ideal location made Seychelles an ideal exotic touristic location. The climate is always warm and the temperatures vary from 24 degrees Celsius to 32 degrees of Celsius. The islands of the Seychelles lies outside of the cyclone belt and this fact guarantees good weather and a year round sun.

The Delights of Waikiki Beach

waikiki_beachWaikiki Beach, the biggest lure due to its famous name alone, is far from the best on the islands, with its pebbled sand not friendly to tender feet. And, it’s crowded- in some ways, it’s busy, hustling streets remind one of resorts like most favorite tourist spots on the mainland. The beaches on the eastern shore are far superior, with fine white sand, gentle surf and warm, clear water. Even veteran scuba and snorkel divers say that the reefs of Hanauma Bay, a 15-minute drive from Honolulu, are among the most abundant in the world with marine life.

Delighting beaches in Europe

europe_beach_holidaysEurope is world famous for its beautiful beaches. The continent of Europe is surrounded with oceans and seas and it is natural that we can find the most beautiful beaches in the world here.
The top European beaches in random order are the following :

  • Ibiza – Ibiza is located in Spain and it is a beautiful island in the Mediterranean Sea. Over the past few years it became the most popular party island in the world. A vast amount of younger people come to Ibiza to spend their vacation on the beautiful beaches and exclusive nightclubs.

Exclusive beaches in the French Riviera

french_rivieraThe French Riviera is a very popular European touristic destination. The riviera is a French coastline on the south eastern part of the country. The coastline is also known by the name Cote d`Azur which means Blue Coast. The Riviera is famous touristic location and we can find a large number of hotels and resorts here.

The French Riviera began its development in the end of the 18th century when British tourists discovered the beautiful coastline and decided to spend their vacations here. Over the years the French Riviera became one of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe.

The most beautiful beaches in Croatia

Croatian BeachesDo you want know more about Croatian beaches? You really should go there and feel the difference. When we`re talking about vacation in Croatia, first at all, we`re thinking about nice and hot sand beaches. Adriatic beaches can offer to everyone real pleasure and it can be perfect destination for vacation. Presence of sea with so much green vegetation and mountains provides you the best feel of real vacation.

Visiting the nicest beaches of Spain

Playa RiberaSpain, a great place for your vacation. Peaceful, great traditional food, sun and beaches, what else do you need?. Spain is one of the most visited countries in Europe, British, German, Japanese and countless other people from all around the world go there to enjoy its beaches and good summer climate. We believe there are some great beaches you should not miss if you travel to Spain. Making a pick it’s not easy, Spain has oceanic and sea beaches, from well known to little exclusive ones.

La Ribera Beach Girona (Barcelona)

Australian beaches tips, hints, and surfing… Bondi Style

bondi_beach_australiaAustralia counts with many beaches; thousands of them. To swim, surf, take sunbaths and fishing, are just common day practices in Australian vacation time.


We can identify and distinguish many different beach zones in Australia:the East side, where we can find this country’s most interesting beaches, like those of Sydney, or the most famous beaches of the Gold-Coast.

We should also acknowledge northern beaches, like Cairns, and those across the Coral Bay, with year-long tropical temperatures and good weather. These are ideal beaches for getting a healthy tan and practicing underwater diving.